The Board

Scientific Commitee

The Scientific Committee is composed of all integrated PhD members and meets 4 times a year.

General Assembly

The IEM General Assembly is one of the statutory bodies of the IEM. It is constituted by all the integrated members, doctoral and non-doctoral degree holders, of the IEM.

The Supervisory Commission

The External Scientific Advisory Committee (CCE) is made up of internationally renowned experts from Portuguese and foreign universities. Its function is to assess and evaluate the Institute’s annual activity and make suggestions to help improve the way IEM works and develop its different areas of research. It is also responsible for criticizing, proposing, and suggesting changes or alternative paths. In this way, the CCE contributes to keeping IEM’s activity always under external and impartial scientific scrutiny, thus allowing IEM to adapt its actions to the objectives that are set and to the Institute’s strategic plan, in order to be progressively more competitive and international.