Paulo Catarino Lopes

Foto de Paulo Catarino Lopes

Integrated Researcher at the Institute of Medieval Studies (IEM), Paulo Catarino Lopes is also an Associate Researcher at CHAM – Humanities Center, both Research Units of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas) of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA FCSH), an academic institution in which he obtained the degrees of Master and PhD. in History after graduating in the same scientific domain at the School of Arts and Humanities (Faculdade de Letras) of Universidade de Lisboa (FLUL).

Having as field of specialization in Medieval History, his research interests focus on the following themes: Travel, Circulation and Mobility; International Relations and Diplomacy; Representations of Identity and Otherness.

Currently, he works as a PhD researcher hired by NOVA FCSH, developing in this context a project entitled «Portugal and foreigners (1385-1521). Representations of identity and otherness in written production evocative of international relations (activity of agents and diplomatic delegations) and the practice of travel». This work is funded by national funds through the FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., under the Norma Transitória – DL 57/2016/CP1453/CT0015 (DOI 10.54499/DL57/2016/CP1453/CT0015) and the Strategic Project of the Institute of Medieval Studies – financing UIDB/00749/2020 (DOI 10.54499/UIDB/00749/2020).