Amélia Aguiar Andrade

Foto de Amélia Aguiar Andrade

Amélia Aguiar Andrade is a Full Professor in Medieval History at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon (NOVA FCSH). She has held numerous scientific and university positions, in Portugal and abroad. She was the coordinator of the doctoral course in history of NOVA FCSH (2011-2013), as well as coordinator of the doctoral course in Medieval Studies within the framework of a partnership between NOVA FCSH and Universidade Aberta (2016-2018).She also headed the Institute of Medieval Studies of the same faculty between 2011 and 2016. Among her international curriculum, it’s to highlight that she chaired Scientific Committee of the European Association for Urban History (2012-2014). During her career received 4 awards and honours. Her research areas are related to medieval urban history, the study of spaces and powers in the Middle Ages and their forms of articulation, as well as to the exploration of medieval royal inquiries as a privileged source of treatment for these themes. Participated as Principal investigator in 6 projects and in 23 others as a researcher. Amélia Aguiar Andrade is the author and coauthor of 6 books, 3 exhibition catalogs, 54 chapters of books (14 on international publications), 22 articles in journals and 3 book reviews. She was also the editor of 22 books (3international). She was part of the organizing committee of 45 events and attended with communication to 83 events (16 as a keynote and 44 by invitation). She is or was the supervisor of 2 Pos-Doc projects, 5 PhD theses and 15 Master dissertations.