IEM's goals consist of:

  1. Promotion of a critical thinking and debate in the thematic field of Medieval Studies, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity and a comparative approach;
  2. Encouraging the proactive and autonomous participation of doctoral students and researchers in the Institute’s various lines of research and in the creation of new research themes;
  3. Fostering the training of young researchers and their integration into research teams under the supervision of experienced researchers;
  4. Cooperating with NOVA FCSH to maintain a continuous and sustained offer of training at all levels of study (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral), to guarantee a permanent dialogue between research and teaching.
  5. Increasing scientific and academic exchange and networking with national and international research centres of excellence that share the same objectives in the field of Medieval Studies;
  6. Dissemination of the knowledge produce in IEM to a wide and diverse public, thus enhancing the protection and valorisation of the medieval past and heritage and turning it into an asset for social and economic development.