Sara Prata

Foto de Sara Prata

Sara Prata is a member of IEM since 2013. She currently works as a research fellow at NOVA FCSH (2020.01697.CEECIND). She graduated in Archaeology from NOVA FCSH and has a PhD in Medieval History from the University of Salamanca (2018). She teaches at NOVA FCSH History Department since September 2021. 

She specializes in the early medieval period, focusing on the material record in rural areas. She has participated in several national and international projects on this subject, organized scientific meetings and published her results. She seeks to advance the understanding of this complex period, asserting the role of rural communities in the transformations of the countryside and in the formation of historical processes. 

Previously, she worked in development-led projects. She now seeks to reframe archaeological practice in order to consider the specific needs of inland territories, promoting accessible and inclusive approaches to Cultural Heritage. 

Her area of ​​analysis is Western Iberia, particularly Alto Alentejo, from a comparative perspective on a European scale. She is available to direct theses on Early Middle Ages (5th – 12th centuries) -on landscape and territory, material culture, and funerary practices- as well as Cultural Heritage dissemination, in Portuguese, English and Spanish.