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Helena Avelar bibliography

Histmedport – Online Library of Historiography on Medieval Portugal
Bibliographic database containing 6,300 records, drawn from The Historiography of Medieval Portugal (c. 1950-2010) (dir. José Mattoso, Lisbon, IEM, 2012). It also includes contributions sent by the authors and associated Research Units (or their members) as well as contributions from individual foreign researchers.

José Mattoso bibliography 2001-2017
João Luís Fontes

José Mattoso bibliography 1954-2002
Maria de Lurdes Rosa

Iria Gonçalves bibliography 1961-2019
João Luís Fontes

Luís Krus bibliography
Amélia Andrade, Ana Maria Oliveira, João Luís Fontes and Pedro Chambel

Children in medieval Portuguese society
Ana Rodrigues Oliveira

Bibliography for the study of Carnival in Gil Vicente
Maria José Palla

Presence and functions of animals in Galician-Portuguese literature of the 13th and 14th centuries 
Pedro Chambel

Bibliography on Portuguese schooling abroad
Mário Farelo

Bibliography on ecclesiastical taxation
Mário Farelo

Medieval travels bibliography
Paulo Lopes

Bibliography on medieval feminine religiosity
Gilberto Coralejo Moiteiro

Gharb Al-Andaluz chronology
António Rei

Peter Linehan bibliography
André Evangelista Marques, Maria João Branco, Mário Farelo, André Vitória