Other projects

Projects financed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (concluded)

APVETERES – Witness, Memory and Identity: the Annales Portugalenses Veteres and constructing the longest historiographic tradition of the territory of Portugal
CANTIGAS – Models and variations: medieval Iberian lyrics in the Europe of troubadours
EICAM – Interdisciplinary study on high medieval communities – 5th to 11th centuries
HISTMEDPORT – Online historiography library about medieval Portugal

Projects financed by other entities

iDanha. New links, new creative historical readings
MONS – Ethnoarchaeology of the Beira Alta Mountains (Vouzela-Lafões)
IGAEDIS – From Civitas Igaeditanorum to Egitânia. The construction and evolution of the city and the definition of its territories from the Roman period through to its donation to the Templars (1st cen. BC to 12th cen. AD)
Research, study and promotion of the historical heritage of the São Jorge/Alcáçova Castle of Lisbon and its surroundings
Valuation and dissemination of the medieval documentation conserved in the Lisbon Municipal Archive
Viseu Patrimony