After Medieval organized a series of sessions in 2023 where we had the opportunity to invite entrepreneurial projects in the fields of historical sciences and heritage communication to explain their growth and relationship with the university environment, in 2024 we want to continue organizing these sessions, now under the theme: projects with impact (“Projetos com Impacto”).

The bi-monthly sessions, starting in February, aim to present projects that, by their nature, stand out not only for their originality and creativity, but above all for their social and/or economic impact. These are inspiring projects born to promote history, culture and heritage.


Medieval Session | Session |Prelo Prints: Revivendo a Arte da Impressão Manual 
(Prelo Prints: Reviving the Art of Hand Printing)
Guest: Jorge Larguito

Prelo Prints is a private project by Jorge Larguito that was born out of his love for typography and other forms of printing, their techniques and history.

Since 2020, Prelo Prints has been a center of creativity, printing books, pamphlets and meticulously producing woodcuts inspired by works from the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance period. The uniqueness of this project lies not only in the commitment to preserving the techniques of the past, but also in the passion and dedication that go into each work. By using the same tools and working methods as the first generation of European printers, Jorge Larguito offers truly authentic and unique pieces. With a focus on craftsmanship, authenticity and creativity, Prelo Prints is the perfect place to explore the incredible world of hand printing and discover a new appreciation for this art.

Biographical note:
Jorge Larguito (b. 1984) is from Olhão, in the Algarve (Portugal). With a 20-year career as a graphic designer, he has been living in Denmark since 2013, where he is currently responsible for image, marketing and communication at the archaeological open-air museum “Centro Medieval” (Middelaldercentret) in Nykøbing Falster.

His taste for and dedication to the study of the Middle Ages, especially the 15th century, led him to explore various crafts, with printing being a central focus of his recent activities. By reconstructing a manual press based on iconography from the late Middle Ages, Jorge Larguito gave rise to the Prelo Prints project. Through this project, he keeps the art and craft of manual printing alive, sharing this knowledge with the public via the internet and various public events.