The International Congress “El Papado y los Kingdoms Hispánicos en la Edad Media” will take place from 12th to 14th March at the Universidade Complutense, Facultad de Geografía e Historia, Salón de Grados, Madrid (Spain).

Throughout the medieval period, papal power became one of Europe’s main instances of power. The figure of the Pope was constructed based on the weight that his ecclesiastical status gave him and his importance in doctrine. The Pope, as the head of the Christian Church, despite its many ups and downs over time, became a power to be taken into account in the entire West. The Iberian Peninsula was no exception.

For three days, leading national and international experts will address and debate the evolution of this topic, demonstrating the latest lines of research and what we know today about the mutual relations between the two areas.

The Congress Direction will be headed by Jorge Díaz Ibáñez (Universidade Complutense) and María José Cañizares Gómez (Universidade ComplutenseUniversidade de Alicante).

Organizing Committee:

The Scientific Commission includes José Manuel Nieto Soria (Universidade Complutense), Carlos de Ayala Martínez (Universidade Autônoma de Madrid), Santiago Domínguez Sánchez (Universidade de León), Esther Tello Hernández (Instituto Mila e Fontanals (CSIC), and Mário Farelo (Universidade do Minho).