As part of its training offer, IEM presents the Atelier de Iniciação à Investigação em Estudos Medievais I (Researching on the Middle Ages: working on IEM’s projects I), available to all 1st Cycle (Bachelor) courses students. This Curricular Unit (CU) has 16 vacancies and offers an accreditation of 6 ECTS. 

The main objectives of this UC are: a)  the acquisition of practical research skills in Medieval Studies; b) foster the ability to organize and present valid research results in collective projects; c)  stimulate the ability to communicate and discuss the implications of results according to academic canons; and d) learning techniques and creating research work routines in the various areas of Medieval Studies: Archaeology, Art, History, Literature.

According to each student’s specific area, they will be integrated into one of the research projects at IEM, being taught research methodologies appropriate to the objectives of the tasks they will perform within the project’s scope. Specific objectives will be defined for each graduate, and a work plan will be designed to acquire research skills and fulfill the established objectives. Vacancies for each of the Projects must be checked on the Curricular Unit Sheet.