Mário Gouveia

Foto de Mário Gouveia

B.A. in History/Archaeology, NOVA FCSH; B.A. in Classical Studies/Classical Languages, FLUL; Diploma in Portuguese L2, NOVA FCSH; M.A. in History/Medieval History, NOVA FCSH; M.Sc. in Language Sciences/Linguistics, NOVA FCSH; Ph.D. Candidate in Classical Studies, FLUL; Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics/Historical Linguistics, NOVA FCSH. 

Invited Assistant (2002-2011) at the Department of History of NOVA FCSH (teaching courses in Archaeology, Numismatics, Prehistory, Protohistory, Ancient History and Medieval History); Museology Consultant (2016-2021), Numismatics Counsellor (2018-…) and Senior Technician/Chief Curator of the Portuguese Mint Museum (2021-…) at INCM Edition and Culture Unit. 

Researcher CEC (FLUL), IEM and CLUNL (FCSH); grantee FCT, FCG, FCSH, FLUL and Casa de Velázquez; coordinator and researcher in R&D projects; trainer CCPFC (History, Archaeology, Greek, Latin and Classical Literature); author of essays, papers and lectures (BE, ES, IT, PT); editor and board of peer-reviewed journals (CH, ES, PT); organizer of scientific meetings; curator of coins and medals exhibitions; producer of coins and stamps series. 

Merit Award 1999/2000 – Best Graduate in Archaeology, NOVA FCSH; Merit Award 2016/2017 – Best Graduate in Classical Studies, FLUL; Merit and Excellence Award 2019/2020 – Best Master in Language Sciences, NOVA FCSH.