João Roxo

Foto de João Roxo

João Roxo has a degree in Archaeology and currently is studying for a master’s degree at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. During this process, he took part in several archaeological interventions, including the Roman Villa of Quinta da Bolacha and the Necropolis of Moinho do Castelinho, both in Amadora (Campaign 2020), the historic village of Idanha-a-Velha (Campaigns 2021,2022,2023), Miguel Bombarda Hospital (2-day project). Laboratory work: Lisbon Archaeology Center – Rego deposit, Entrecampos (2020 and 2022/23) and archaeological deposit of the Amadora Municipal Council (2021). Computer skills: Quantum GIS, MS Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Language skills: Portuguese (native), English (C1), German (A1) and French (A1).