João Luís Veloso

Foto de João Luís Veloso

João Luís Álvares Veloso was born in Porto in 1996. He graduated in Archaeology at NOVA-FCSH, in 2018. Since then, he has contributed to several Medieval Archaeology works, focusing both on urban and rural settings. In 2019, he was integrated as member of the Institute for Medieval Studies (IEM). 

In 2021, J. L. Veloso defended his Archaeology Master’s Thesis, also at NOVA-FCSH, entitled Ocupação e Consumos no Porto através do Arqueossítio da Rua de D. Hugo, nº. 5 (séculos V-VIII)

The everyday life of cities during the emergence of the medieval world constitutes his main interest of study today. To archaeological data, he seeks to combine sources of different kinds, notably written documents. 

Currently, J. L. Veloso is carrying out a PhD project in Medieval Studies, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia [Foundation for Science and Technology], in which he develops the study of the Early Medieval past of Porto, titled Commerce, Production and Consumptions in the Early Middle Ages (400-1100). An approach using the city of Porto’s archaeological record