Gonçalo Carvalho

Foto de Gonçalo Carvalho

Gonçalo Miguel Martins Cameira Sintrão Carvalho is a PhD candidate at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH) of NOVA University of Lisbon (Portugal). He graduated in History with merit from the same institution in 2015, after which he continued into a Master degree in Medieval History. He is a Researcher at the Institute of Medieval Studies (IEM – NOVA / FCSH) since 2015. Gonçalo has knowledge in the Latin language and in the modern languages of Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Some of his works include his Master’s dissertation - As Inquirições Régias Entre 1220 e 1307. O exemplo do Julgado de Cabeceiras de Basto. – and a chapter in the book Juvenes – The Middle Ages seen by Young Researchers, vol. II – Space(s) – “Vnde Venis Inquisitor? The members of the commissions of the Portuguese medieval general royal enquiries (1220-1307)”. 

He is now working as a full-time paleographer.