Diogo J. C. Gomes

Foto de Diogo J. C. Gomes

Diogo José Cardoso Gomes, born in Lisbon in 1988, holds a bachelor’s degree in History from the NOVA University of Lisbon – School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH) since 2012, and a master’s in Medieval History from the same institution since 2018, with the dissertation: “Imagens e Memórias de uma Guerra Comum: as Batalhas de 1383-1385 nas Crónicas de Pero López de Ayala e de Fernão Lopes”. 

As an integrated researcher at the Institute for Medieval Studies and a PhD candidate in Medieval Studies at the Universidade Aberta and NOVA FCSH, Diogo’s work focuses on connecting political, cultural, and emotional History in a study about royal siblings. His other research is centred on the military, political, and urban History of Medieval Iberia and Britain, with articles such as “A Legislação Régia no Início do Século XIII: Afonso II de Portugal (1211) e João de Inglaterra (1215)” in the Journal of Anglo-Portuguese Studies (2012) and “Mamora, Expedição da” in the Encyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion (2014); and with presentations on the political works of John Wyclif, the municipal norms and conflicts between Portuguese towns, and the different descriptions of the battle of Trancoso in 1385.