André Evangelista Marques

Foto de André Evangelista Marques

I received my PhD in History from the University of Porto (2012) and subsequently joined the Instituto de Estudos Medievais at NOVA as a research fellow (2013-2022). Having swapped academia for a post at the Portuguese Embassy in Copenhagen, I carry on my research as an independent scholar now.
I am a historian of early medieval Iberia with a special focus on Portugal and a comparative interest in northern Europe. My research has focused initially on land use and landscape representation, then on justice and the settlement of disputes. More recent work includes topics such as maritime communities, parish formation, and the production and transmission of early medieval charters. I have completed a catalogue of pre-1100 charters extant in Portuguese archives, which shall in due course be converted into an online searchable database and full-text edition.
Main publications: O casal: uma unidade de organização social do espaço no Entre-Douro-e- Lima (906-1200) (Noia, 2008), Da representação documental à materialidade do espaço. Território da diocese de Braga (séculos IX-XI) (Porto, 2014); and (as co-editor) Livro de Mumadona: Cartulário do Mosteiro de Guimarães: Edição crítica (Lisbon, 2016), Records and Processes of Dispute Settlement in Early Medieval Societies: Iberia and Beyond (Leiden, 2023).