Ana Celeste Glória

Foto de Ana Celeste Glória

PhD in Art History (2020), at NOVA FCSH, with a project financially supported by a PhD Grant awarded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (2013-2016) and hosted at the Institute of Art History – NOVA FCSH. She holds a Master’s degree in Heritage – specializing in Artistic Heritage (2010) and a degree in Art History (2007) from the same Faculty.  

She received the Honorable Mention “Alert” awarded by SOS Azulejo, PJ Museum and Museu do Azulejo (SOS Azulejo Awards 2014) for the study “House of the Counts of Lousã – Damaia” presented in several conferences and the Honorable Mention “Defense of Tile Heritage” for the work developed on the “Casa da Pesca: 10 years of research” (SOS Azulejo Awards 2019-2020).  

Her areas of interest are erudite civil architecture, noble house and heritage. 

Throughout her academic career she collaborated with the Institute of Art History of NOVA FCSH, having organized numerous scientific activities, being responsible among other tasks, for the promotion and dissemination in different channels, namely, with the creation and management of websites in different digital platforms.   

Currently, she is the manager of digital content and publications at the Instituto de Estudos Medievais.