Alice Tavares

Foto de Alice Tavares

Alice Tavares holds a PhD in History, specializing in Medieval History (2014), from the University of Lisbon, with the thesis, “Costumes e Foros de Riba-Côa – Normativa e Sociedade”. Graduated in History (2004) and Master in Regional and Local History from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon (2008), with the thesis: “Vivências quotidianas da população urbana medieval: o testemunho dos Costumes e Foros da Guarda, Santarém, Évora e Beja”. I obtained the homologation of the degree to the Official Spanish University Title of Degree in History by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia – Secretaría General Técnica. Subdirección General de Títulos, Convalidaciones y Homologaciones.

I participated in national and international research projects. In addition, I was a member of work teams and stakeholder in the application, «Intelligent, green and integrated transport», under the European H2020 Program (2017) and other registered initiatives and registered institutions. I worked on projects related to heritage, trade agents, business networks, Jewish-Sephardic culture and art; local legal documents in the Middle and Modern Ages. Recently, I participated in the project on

the Mudejar style in Portugal (architecture and historical perception) of the Instituto de Estudios Turolenses (Teruel, Spain).

I have published book chapters, articles in national and international journals with «peer review» (Scopus/Web of Science), catalogue and dictionary entries in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil, England, Romania, Chile and the United States of America on animals (birds, fish fauna, transport animals), Jewish-Sephardic communities and legal sources (customs and forums). I collaborate with newspapers, magazines and resources/digital means of dissemination and transfer of knowledge, such as Blog, Lugares com Historia (Spain). I am currently a member of the editorial board of the Italian journal, Progressus. Rivista di Storia-Scrittura e Società (Italy).

My lines of research are: Medieval History, Urban History, History of the Sephardic Jews, heritage and Zoo-history/Environmental History.