As part of the training plan promoted by the IEM Board for its researchers, we would like to inform you that the Workshop “Cartografia digital e Sistemas de Informação Geográfica” (Digital Cartography and Geographic Information Systems) will begin shortly.

This training will be held online on the following days and times (25 hours):

October 18 and 20 (1st and 2nd session), time 18h30-21h30
October 25 and 27 (3rd and 4th session, 2x3h), time 18h30-21h30
November 3 (5th session, 3h) time 18h30-21h30
November 8 and 10 (6th and 7th session, 2x3h) time 18h30-21h30
November 17 (8th session, 4h) time 18h30-22h30