In recent years, research into the noble house in Portugal has received varied contributions from different disciplinary areas – History, Art History, Architecture, Archivistics, Tourism, among others. The majority of these studies are published, while others are preserved in libraries and archives, as is the example of academic works, such as doctoral theses and master’s dissertations, which, in some cases, are not promoted and publicized.

Thus, we seek to open space for the promotion of research around the aforementioned theme, giving priority above all to original works. At the same time, we seek to take stock of the research carried out with particular focus on that which developed around the “tower house”, the “manor house”, the “manor house”, in a chronology that encompasses the Middle Ages and the period modern.

The Congress will follow a fluid and flexible model, with four sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In these sessions, defended and ongoing projects will be presented, as well as overall views from already established researchers. It will then be possible to compare and discuss the experiences, achievements and methodologies followed and outlined by researchers from different universities.

Entrance free, but registrations are mandatory. Please register here.

Institute for Medieval Studies (NOVA FCSH)
Fundação das Casas de Fronteira e Alorna

Organizing committee:
Ana Celeste Glória (IEM – NOVA FCSH)
Miguel Metelo de Seixas (IEM – NOVA FCSH)
Joel Moedas-Miguel (Fundação das Casas de Fronteira e Alorna)

Scientific Comission:
António Filipe Pimentel (FCG)
Hélder Carita (IHA – NOVA FCSH)
Isabel Mendonça (IHA – NOVA FCSH)
João Vieira Caldas (CITUA, IST – UL)
José Augusto de Sotto Mayor Pizarro (CEPESE – UP)
Luísa Trindade (UC)
Luís Filipe Oliveira (IEM – NOVA FCSH)
Mário Barroca (CEPESE – UP)
Maria de Lurdes Rosa (Projecto VINCULUM)
Miguel Gomes Martins (IEM – NOVA FCSH)
Nuno Senos (IHA – NOVA FCSH)
Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro (ICS – UL)